About DPS Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh

Delhi Public School (DPS) in Amaravati, the newly formed capital city of Andhra Pradesh, is a foundation school that leads the students to new frontiers in education. Promoted by Chukkapalli Sankara Rao Educational Society, the school follows CBSE Curriculum. The school has embraced the challenge of preparing the students to face life through high quality academics and extra-curricular activities. The focus is on creating knowledge leaders for the future and it begins with the right steps early on. DPS Amaravati is spread across 10 acres of space providing ample scope for classroom education along with outdoor activities like sports and games. It is a complete school, one which will change the way your child thinks, acts and learns.



DPS Amaravati follows “Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)”…

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In addition to the rigor of academics, the co-curricular…

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Extensive sports facilities encourage students to participate and refresh themselves.

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Parent's Feedback

It is appropriate to say “ Great efforts by The DPS Amaravathi during this lock down period”.

what we have observed is just fantastic, teachers and the management at DPS are fully engaged their students and kept parents also little busy which is very good. I certainly can understand how much hard work has been gone through to organise online classes.We are really impressed with the teaching staff who are dealing the primary students online. It’s not easy task at all, to my surprise in two days I can see a great level of discipline with the kid

Talking about online sports activities / classes, I took a day to understand how this can be possible. Now I feel like participating with my kids and do some exercises.I believe with the present online schedule every family member of your student is busy helping kids, especially the parents of primary schooling students.On other hand there are challenges related to bandwidth and screen refreshing rate. Hopefully these issue may go away as we progress with the given situation.Once again thank you so much for your hard work and your invaluable efforts. Yes, We are paying attention to your efforts."

Mr & Mrs Velchuri -Parents of Thanishka Asrita  8th Grade & Moukthikeya-2nd Gade.

I am mother of Nihita and Neeha studying in Grade 3 and Grade 2 at DPS Amaravati.I would like to express my gratitude and thank all the teachers and school authorities of DPS for their hard work sincerity and perseverance towards online classes.In fact I must say all the teachers are putting their utmost efforts to make children understand the concepts involving them in sports and other extra curricular activities despite this pandemic situation.we know sometimes your own children were deprived of your care and attention because you were busy attending our's.I thank each and every teacher and faculty of the school for their hard work and for taking good care of our kids not only in terms of education but also and discipline.

Dr. Pragati -Parents of Nihita Manvi  3rd Grade & Neeha Manvi-2nd Grade.

"The ambience of the school is attractive,calm, spacious with sprawling lush green all around. It provides a aerobicized, healthy and flourishing development of students during the Pandemic time. Sports arena with a huge walking track, football, basketball, badminton, volleyball court provide a ample space for practice and mastering the game and staying fit during pandemic epoch. Humble , overwhelming approach of Principal Madam is very distinct and worth appreciating. Online session by the faculty members with hands on experience enriches enthusiasm and passion for learning."

I Vara Prasad -Parents of I Komali Naga Lakshmi 7th Grade.

I am Father of Alagadda Chaitanya Varma , Grade 4 Dps. I want to express my sincere gratitude for all efforts have taken from day one towards Chaitanya Varma, He enjoy each day and look forward to go school every day, Hope you had noticed he didn’t have absences for school single day, in this academic year,Which is such a surprise for me because before he used to give excuses for not attending. I really appreciate the way in which DPS Amaravathi helped him. However by making the lessons innovative you not only helped in getting good education but also in developing and encouraging him to participate in all extra activities which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Ramesh Alagadda - Parent of Chaitanya Varma Alagadda, 4th Grade.

Thanks a lot to the school and teachers for giving us such honest feedback about our child. We are thankful to the teachers for all the support and encouragement given.".

V Upendra Reddy -Parents of Pranu Deepika  LKG.

We are very much satisfied with the practical methodology implemented in DPS.

B Srinivasa rao - Parent of B Dhanush Raj, LKG.

My child developed in co-curricular activities and easily mingled with other children. He is very interested in coming to school and I like the class teacher and her way of teaching with joy to children.

Y Eshwar - Parent of Y. V Jathin, UKG.

My child has improved so much since starting in Reception. She has loads of confidence and is always happy to come to school.

T. Kalyan Tilak - Parent of Aadhya Sri, UKG.