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Language And Subject Labs
For Hands-On Training

DPS Amaravati has specific labs for science, math, English, social sciences and computers. Each lab is equipped with the right infrastructure and tools along with teachers guiding the pupils.

English Lab

The English language learning lab trains students in speaking and listening skills in addition to communicative English, reading and writing.

Science lab

The Science lab leads the students into a journey of discovery through experiments and at DPS,the Science lab is a grand experience in itself.

math Lab

The math Lab takes the students through the difficult subject by way of conceptual learning that simplifies the tough subject and raises their interest. The purpose of the math Lab is to make students understand, internalize, discover and verify the mathematical and geometrical concepts through concrete objects and situations. This builds confidence in students.

social sciences lab

The social sciences lab covers the past, present and future concepts. The Lab exposes the students to the solar system, phases of the moon, dome, windmill, solar energy cell, maps, and instruments like barometer and rain gauge. Rare collection of minerals, different varieties of soil, stones, etc., make the lab work interesting. Night watch with the telescope, adoption of villages, literacy drives, mock parliament, role play, visits to museums, electronic voting, etc.,form the core activities of this lab.

computer Lab

The computer Lab is a world-class facility on the campus and gets the students to learn the computer basics in a real time environment. The computer lab has 24 hour internet connectivity.